what is google getting?


the idea

it's simple and yet profound. imagine a culture, country, village in need.
google giving
brings technology and progress to that place and its people.
google changes that place and people for the better.
google getting brings that culture, and its people to google.

how it works

google invites indigenous cultures from around the world who have recently been gifted with google's technology to come visit google and teach their culture, traditions and wisdom to googlers.

the google humanity project will organize, coordinate, plan and publicize this movement for you, or with you.

benefits to google and the world

as google changes various indigenous global cultures for the better, various indigenous global cultures now change google for the better. the information > knowledge loop is complete.

google employees and management enlarge their minds and hearts. indigenous global cultures and their people are no longer seen as mere recipients and valueless victims, but as valuable, equally-vital humans and traditions with much to share and teach us all.

google holds the standard of human community and equal valuation as it welcomes the opportunity to be changed. 

yes, google gives. but now it's time for google to get.