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the google humanity project 

is a group of brand experts, ethnographers and cultural thought leaders based in the united states, sweden and the uk.
the project's argument is this: 
no global brand will long succeed or survive without a deep emotional/human connection.

the project's goals 
are to help google maintain its global leadership in technology while adding a series of powerful human elements and tactics to the brand. these elements and tactics are designed to ensure google's long-term success and status, especially against any current or future rival brands who may have a deeper human/emotional DNA. 

the google humanity project directors 

  paul macfarlane  (St. Louis, USA)

paul macfarlane (St. Louis, USA)

  Jonas Bergvall  (Strängnäs, Sweden) 

Jonas Bergvall (Strängnäs, Sweden) 

   Rafael Maraschin   (London, UK)

Rafael Maraschin (London, UK)

Let's go. 

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