no electricity?


no internet. no computers. no electricity.
google’s perfect opportunity.

the current situation

when google donates millions to tech companies to fund tech solutions for the world, it’s nice, but it’s not news.

this is an idea that will be news.

this is an idea that makes google’s mission to “facilitate access to information for the entire world” into something truly surprising, thought-provoking and world-changing.

the idea

google staff (along with local cultural experts) travels to indigenous cultures anywhere in the world – where there is no electricity or communication systems – and brings critical life information.

but not in the expected, google technology way.

instead, google staff brings information – on paper, on slates and chalk, verbally, with sign language – whatever it takes – to bring information to people in need.

with a team of cultural experts, translators and communicators, google brings information related to growing sustainable food, clean water, health, safety, etc.

benefits to google and the world

the shocking benefit to google is this: deep, emotional surprise.

because you’re not expected to do things that don’t immediately benefit you.
you’re not expected to solve world problems beyond the traditional technology toolbox.

but with this idea, your brand grows powerfully, via incredible international enthusiasm.
your information mission becomes more serious, more believable and more meaningful.

more people in the world think a little more about more people in the world.
this is just the beginning.

the google humanity project will organize, coordinate, plan and publicize this movement for you, or with you.